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Finance & Accounting

Kelly knows that wherever finance and accounting disciplines are critical to your business function, specialized talent will also be essential to your productivity and bottom-line results. We approache recruitment with a mix of time-honored best practices and resourceful engagement to deliver proven results for corporate accounting and finance departments in all industries.
We repeatedly demonstrate that quality in recruitment delivers its worth with each high-value talent strategy or match we make. We offer flexibility through a range of leading workforce solutions globally, nationally, or locally, that will help to manage your accounting and finance talent efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you need temporary or permanent employees Kelly can identify and provide the right solution to fit your unique and changing business needs.
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Our Value Statements

. Specialists within economy and finance recruiting
. We know the “passive” candidates
. Access to our network
. Candidates from Kelly Finance match what you seek – focus on quality over quantity
. Informative candidate presentations
. We contribute to more correct hires
. Reliable delivery

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Let's Talk

For a proven workforce solutions partner that balances resource depth and breadth to address your diverse demands through niche consultation, contact Kelly today.