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Independent Consultants

Finding the dream job and staying there for the rest of your life is less common today than it was 20 years ago. The desire for independence, flexibility and the search for challenges is what today’s workers are looking for. One-third of employees worldwide are currently working as self-employed or freelancers and the trend shows that this will increase in the future. For companies, this entails both increased risk and great opportunities. Those companies that still want only permanent employees as before, will miss out on the best talent on the market.
Those who develop a more flexible workforce and see the value of talent will have a competitive advantage for the future.
We have been active for over 70 years and have learned to adapt to the needs of the market. We offer our clients access to a highly qualified and specialized professional group. We help our clients find the right consultant for the project - whether it is an independent consultant or a temporary manager.
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Let’s Talk

Our recruiters are experts at accessing hard-to-find freelance and independent talent. Get in touch today to start your search for independent specialists who could transform your business.
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We offer a diverse range of products and services to anticipate your talent and resourcing challenges.