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Independent contractor / freelancer and recruitment company

​Why a Recruitment company?In order to be able to follow which projects are available to the ind...

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​3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting the Best Med-Device Talent

​Before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the global market for medical devices and technologies was...

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Life after PhD - Where do you go from here?

Ok, you have your PhD or you´re working on it - but what´s next?It’s a question that thousands of...

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10 ways your PhD helps you to stand out in the jobs market

You’ve achieved something amazing. You got your PhD!This isn’t just a fantastic academic experien...

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Generationsübergreifende Belegschaften

How Do You Lead Multigenerational Workforces?

​We look at the ways life science organisations can welcome workers of all ages. Our life science...

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The important difference between workplace equity and equality

​Equity and equality. The difference between these words is a mere two letters — but there’s a si...

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​Figuring Out Your Dream Job

​We all want to land our dream job. However, a dream job has a different meaning to different peo...

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8 Things Not To Do In Your First Year Of Work

​After long weeks of CV formatting and interviewing you’ve finally landed a job. Whether it’s you...

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Life Sciences And The Race for Talent

​A shortage of industry skills & competition from other industries makes hiring difficult.Whi...

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Time For A New Job?

​We all get caught up in the busy schedules of our everyday lives, and we often don’t realise whe...

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