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Outsourcing and Consulting

If it’s outside your field, it’s probably within ours.


With more than 60 years of experience, we can offer a wide range of expertise as well as stability and useful global resources to meet the specific needs of your company. It’s becoming more and more common for companies that are in an operational optimization process to reorganize procedures and, in the worst case, resort to downsizing. In this process, Kelly assists with targeted actions for affected employees.
With our rescheduling programs, they are continuously assessed and offered assignments that are available in Kelly's job database, if there is something relevant from their background and wishes.
Kelly offers tailor-made outsourcing and consulting solutions no matter what kind of staffing needs your company may have. Outsourcing the company's support functions with us allows the company to fully concentrate on what is the core business.
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Kelly helps to optimize operations in the following areas:
Office: Mail, Expedition and Reception, Express Shipping Management, Internal Copy Centers.
Processing of transactions: Various creditors, invoicing, processing of loan applications, purchasing.
Distribution: Production management, inbound forwarding, picking/packing operations, inventory management.
Administration: Word processing, desktop publishing, reception/switchboard, central archive management.
You will get: increased efficiency through training and improved processes; improved morale through motivated teams working towards defined goals and lower and more predictable costs, in that Kelly's leading position gives you access to advanced management concepts and technology, designed to reduce your operating costs.

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We offer a diverse range of products and services to anticipate your talent and resourcing challenges.