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Independent contractor / freelancer and recruitment company

Why a Recruitment company?

In order to be able to follow which projects are available to the independent contractor / freelancer, collaboration with a recruitment company will be an advantage. Recruitment companies often have agreements with different customers, where they are sent assignments to find project workers for their projects that are not otherwise advertised. Recruiters will then source in their own network, then on sites such as LinkedIn, to find independent contractors / freelancers who are suitable for these projects.


What your resume should contain

Assignments from customers often consist of requirements specifications about a candidate's background and experience. Due to this, the recruitment company's choice of who they want to present depends on the information they receive from the independent contractor / freelancer. The process of selecting candidates for project positions is faster than permanent, as they are processed continuously. For example, it can take three days from when the customer contacts the recruitment company until the recruiter present their candidates. Therefore, it is very important that what is needed for information is already on the resume.


A list of what should be included in a resume:

  • Full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail and a professional photo.

  • Briefly about you (soft skills: analytical, teamwork etc).

  • Work experience: month / year - month / year Employer - Job title and at least 2-3 points with which work tasks you have had. Example “January 2015 - July 2015 Kelly Services - Mechanical Engineer”

  • If there is a longer gap in the CV, it is good if it is filled in. Example «May 2016 - February 2017: Traveled the world».

  • Courses and certifications (name of course, course holder and date).

  • IT tools.

  • Language and professionalism.

  • Summary of interests and hobbies.


English and Norwegian resume.

It is also important for an independent contractor / freelancer in Norway to have an updated resume available in both Norwegian and English. Some customers operate with an Master vendor, often an English-speaking company. Master vendor goes through resumes sent from the recruiters and remove those candidates who do not meet customers criteria.

Master vendors are used when customers have several recruitment companies that help them with candidates for the same position. Instead of the customer having to go through dozens of resumes themselves, Master vendor takes care of this and reduces the number of resumes to a maximum amount before forwarding them to their customer. Therefore, the presentation recruitment companies delivers depends on the information available in resumes. Lack of information can be crucial even if the candidate is very suitable for the project position.

Recruitment company + self-employed = true.

We as a recruitment company want our candidates to get the job. We work hard to make both our customers and the independent contractor / freelancer content. Therefore, it is important that a resume is updated and has the information we need for both parties to fill a project position they thrive in.


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