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The Future of Work

It is important to have this broad debate in order to ensure both employers and employees have a voice in shaping the future of work over the next two decades. However, it is also vital to look closely at the world of work as it is now and understand the trends, attitudes, and, behaviours that are currently driving change and that will continue to drive change over the next two years.

This is the objective of our research. Its purpose is to understand the reality of the way work is changing, uncover the issues that are affecting employees right now and identify what is most important for them in the immediate future. We are doing this to give employers an advantage in their recruitment and retention by helping them to cut through the myths and noise around the future of work and get insights into what their current and future employees find most important. We also want to give job seekers a broader insight into the changing work landscape.

The insights contained in our findings are derived from extensive quantitative research which captured the opinions and experiences of 14,000 job seekers across 10 European countries. The responses painted a surprising consistent cross-border picture but there are some regional differences and preferences which have been flagged up where they relevant. The report itself is split into three sections, reflecting the key topics that were forthcoming from the research:

The Human Workplace

This chapter looks at the growing importance of employee experience and changing nature of employee engagement. We explore job seeker attitudes to culture, diversity and, well-being and look at work-life balance by investigating the sacrifices people are willing to make in terms of personal time or family commitments in exchange for career advancement.

Inspirational Leadership

This considers the qualities employees think make a good leader and whether their leaders exhibit them. We look at the importance of vision and values and how these are lived by leaders as well as assessing how important the quality of leadership is in determining whether someone is engaged and likely to stay with their employer. We also explore employee expectations in terms of reward, development, and advancement. How high a priority are development and promotion opportunities? Do employees think advancement is impacted by how and where they work? And how well do leaders promote this?

Alternative Ways of Working

Here Kelly explores the reality of flexible and remote working and asks to what extent employees are looking for companies to offer this. Do people really want to work from home, and if so why? Do they feel supported if they work remotely? We also attempt to cut through the hype surrounding the “gig economy” and find out whether people really favour self-employment.

The future of work is something that affects all of us and we want to offer some evidence-based insights into how that future is shaping up in the short term to help employers and job seekers best prepare.

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